1 – What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is $500.

2 – Which payment methods accepted?

Webmoney, BTC and WireTransfer

3 – How to managing campaign?

We can managing campaign for you or you can managing yourself by logged in to the advertiser dashboard and view the report.

4 – Do you accept Tech Support Campaign?

Yes we do.


1 – What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is $25 via PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, BTC and Bank Wire($2000).

2 – When will I get paid?

We paying by Monthly, after the current month end, you need to wait 3 days to get your payment.

3 – Do I need to request payment?

No, payment made automatically, you do not need to request payment.

4 – Which website type do you accept?

We accept most of website type, exclude: Adult, Alcohol… View details here